Merry Christmas: British man ‘draws’ reindeer on cycling route

Have you figured out how to celebrate Christmas? British man Anthony Hoyte has been riding his bicycle along a long route in London, causing a Christmas “reindeer” to appear on his fitness tracker,media reported.

Merry Christmas: British man 'draws' reindeer on cycling route

Pictured is a reindeer “painted” by British man Anthony Hoyt using the ride route. Photo: Screenshot from the BBC website.

Mr Hoyt, 51, from Cheltenham, west London, reportedly travelled 79 miles from Hammersmith, west London, and bent across the city before reaching Euston, where the shape of a reindeer appeared on his fitness tracker.

Hoyt thinks it’s his “best work.” He added, “I live in the country, very different from coming to London.” Especially in Nisden and Wembley, cycling is not very comfortable. “”It’s probably my longest distance – I don’t want to go too far. It’s been a long day on a bike. “

Hoyt has reportedly “created” about a 12 works with his bicycle. “I just spent a lot of time looking at the map and waiting for the idea to suddenly ‘jump’ in front of you,” he said. “Usually I look at the map until I see something, ‘That thing looks a bit like a nose,’ so where do I think I can find nearby eyes? It’s like looking at patterns and pictures of clouds. “

Other works hoyted to “create” include a Yorkshire dog in Leeds, two elephants in Birmingham and a flock of birds in Bristol. In 2017, he completed his first festive-inspired work in London, and in 2018 he completed Santa Claus in Birmingham.

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