Genius teenager gets Huawei’s $2 million salary just after graduation: mainly in non-volatile memory system

Recently, a Huawei University of Science and Technology student just graduated from Huawei’s 2 million annual salary caused concern among netizens. Today, the topic of “2 million dollars a year on graduation” rushed to the hot search. According to media reports, Zhonghua University of Science and Technology student Zuo Pengfei, due to excellent interview performance, was recommended to Huawei “genius youth” project, received an annual salary of 2 million yuan.

Not only did he receive an offer from Huawei, But Ali, Tencent and Convinced Service all threw an “olive branch” to him.

Born in 92, Zuo Pengfei is a 14-level straight graduate of Huazhong University of Science and Technology, ph.d. in Wuhan Optoelectronics National Research Center to study computer science and technology major, just completed the defense at the end of November.

Genius teenager gets Huawei's $2 million salary just after graduation: mainly in non-volatile memory system

According to Huawei University of Science and Technology official disclosure, during the ph.d. period, Zuo Pengfei as the first author published more than 10 high-level papers, of which, as the first author published in OSDI ‘2018 and MICRO’2018 two papers, respectively, to refresh the Central China University of Science and Technology in the relevant fields of the top meeting zero record.

OSDI is one of the top academic conferences in computer operating systems, and MICRO is one of the top academic conferences in computer architecture, and the papers are hired by both conferences, which contain more gold than some of the world’s top international journals, and are as difficult as biology and medicine in journals such as Nature/Science/Cell.

In June this year, Ren Zhengfei in Huawei’s EMT (management team) inside the speech mentioned that the world will recruit 20-30 “genius youth”, “these ‘genius youths’ like ‘mud’, like the mud, to drill our organization, activate our team.” It is reported that Huawei recruited “talented young people”, wages are paid according to the annual wage system, the highest annual salary of 2.01 million yuan.

“Huawei’s talented teenager is a project initiated by Ren Zhengfei to attract top talent with top-notch challenges and top-notch pay, with higher technology to support Huawei’s development. From the last news you can see that the talented teenagers are divided into three. Huawei gave me the highest level of the offer. My content is to do technology innovation and breakthrough in Huawei Cloud’s storage pre-research department. As you know, Huawei has become a world leader and a lucrative company in both communications and terminals. Huawei Cloud will be Huawei’s third starting point and will be the main business of the future. In order to be world leader in the cloud business, Huawei is investing a lot of resources, and the future of Huawei Cloud is considerable. “

Zuo Pengfei said that his main research direction is non-volatile memory system, non-volatile memory is a new storage medium, this kind of storage medium use in traditional computers will cause some new problems, such as durability, consistency and security, his research work is to propose new technologies to solve these problems.

Zuo Pengfei also revealed that Huawei in his graduation when contact, “two sides, because the department and the CTO to me are very high evaluation, and soon received a response to the offer.” Huawei values first and foremost scientific research, and second, the fit of the content of individual research and Huawei’s interview department. “

Mr. Zuo said he had interviewed four companies: Ali, Tencent, Convinced Service and Huawei, all of whom had been offered and were paid handsomely.

“The choice of Huawei is a comprehensive consideration of the results, Huawei provides a very suitable for the direction of research I want to do, in addition, Huawei’s technology in the industry is very good reputation, Huawei has a lot of experienced technical experts, I went to have a lot of learning opportunities, can further enhance themselves.” Huawei can also meet some of my other demands, such as maintaining contact with the academic community. “

Zuo Pengfei said that in the future want to do more and stronger in his current professional field, in the business community with several successful projects, while maintaining contact and influence in academia.

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