Even man takes car off the lake in distress U.S. boy shouting “Siri” alarm successfully rescued

How would you ask for help when your life is in danger and no one around you? CNN reported Tuesday that Gael Salcedo, a young American man, chose to call “Siri” with the help of a mobile phone in the face of a car falling into a lake and in urgent need of help. Fortunately, he was also rescued.

CNN reported screenshot

12, CNN quoted “KIMT” television station told a story: 18-year-old Salcedo is driving a jeep from Wisconsin to Iowa. On the way, Salcedo’s car hit a piece of ice on the road, and the car lost control instantly, and even the car was “plunged” into Lake Winnabego, Wisconsin.

Accident scene Photo: KIMT TV

“I didn’t know what was going to happen to me or what to do. Thinking ‘I think I’m going to die,’ recalled the scene, Salcedo said, fearing his car would sink and roll out his window. Reported that the incident occurred at the time of the temperature of Lake Winnabego below zero degrees.

Salcedo, who couldn’t find his cell phone, was in desperate need of help, and he was in a hurry to think of a trick.

According to the report, Salcedo began shouting “Siri” to call for help.

“My phone was gone, and (I think) i couldn’t find it, and I said, ‘Hey, Siri, call 911,'” Salcedo said, according to KIMT. Then Siri called (911) and i finally found my phone. “

I didn’t expect it to work. Firefighters in Mason City, Iowa, were quickly called to the scene, CNN reported. With the help of firefighters, Salcedo was eventually rescued and taken to hospital. Salcedo was treated in hospital for shock and was discharged three hours later, KIMT reported.

“Siri” is a voice control software on Apple phones, users can use voice commands, human-machine conversations, make calls, send text messages, inquire about the weather and so on.

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