Microsoft again offers incorrect updates to Windows 10 users

As we reported back in October, Microsoft released an Autopilot device update to all Windows 10 users, and then undoed the update after the company realized it had made an error. Today, Microsoft repeats the same mistake, releasing another Windows 10 Autopilot update, KB4532441, to all users in a patch update on Tuesday, December 10.

Users reported on the forum that this update has been released to the consumer version of Windows 10. When a user checks for an update, the update is displayed immediately and is repeated even after a successful installation.

Microsoft again offers incorrect updates to Windows 10 users

Microsoft has confirmed the error and posted a message undoing the update:

This update is available through Windows Update. However, we deleted it because it was not provided correctly. When your organization enrolls or configures a device for a Windows Autopilot deployment, the device installer automatically updates Windows Autopilot to the latest version. The Windows Autopilot update sitted for normal Windows 10 devices is actually not valid. If the system provides you with this update and the current device does not have Autopilot deployed, installing this update will have no effect, in other words, the Windows Autopilot update should not be available to the consumer version of Windows 10.

Although Microsoft says this update will not negatively affect the user’s PC, you can still choose to uninstall the patch.

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