Apple offers AirPods Pro earpiece tips for about $4

John Gruber, editor of technology blog Daring Fireball, was invited by Apple today to New York for a brief AirPods Pro media meeting. On the way back from the meeting, Gruber tried out the new AirPods Pro and made a brief comment in a blog post that was later posted on his personal blog. Overall, he likes the new AirPods Pro, which is very good for noise reduction and has a range of time in line with Apple’s official publicity.

[图]苹果提供AirPods Pro橡胶耳塞套,一副零售价约合28元

“Apple today invited dozens of media personalities to New York for a brief meeting to recommend the new AirPods Pro,” he wrote in the blog post. My initial impression is that I like them. Gruber also said that if you accidentally lose the rubber earbud  during your daily use, you can buy an earpiece tips with large, medium and small sizes for $4 (about Rmb28).

“Replacing a earpiece tips is very simple, but it’s more fixed than I expected,” he wrote in the blog post. But don’t worry, this earpiece tips is very durable. And Apple officials say the replacement costs only $4, which is very cheap. “

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