LG announces partnership with Qualcomm to create WebOS Auto automotive infotainment platform

LG Electronics announced today that it will work with Qualcomm to develop a webOS-based commercial in-vehicle infotainment platform. The system, called WebOS Auto, offers a variety of entertainment and security features for connected cars. The latest partnership was announced on October 29 at a conference at LG Electronics Research and Development Park in central Seoul.

LG宣布携手高通打造WebOS Auto汽车信息娱乐平台

(Infovia Neowin)

Qualcomm is known to provide web-based network solutions and services for the WebOS Auto platform based on the latest 5G Dragon chips, while LG integrates the upgraded WebOS 2.0 platform to provide a more streamlined experience for drivers and passengers.

“We value our partnership with Qualcomm and will leverage the latest 5G networking and multimedia solutions to extend the ecosystem of the WebOS platform so that customers can enjoy connected cars at home,” SAID Dr. IP Park, LG Electronics President and Chief Technology Officer, in a statement.

LG acquired the Linux WebOS platform from HP in February 2013 and has been using it for smart devices such as smart TVs, refrigerators, and smart projectors.

During the event, LG also published a 2.0 open source version of WebOS on its developer website. The two companies are expected to present their new system at the Consumer Electronics Show (CES 2020) in January.

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