Sysmark releases desktop CPU leaderboard: AMD loses 6 cores to easily kill 28 cores

Many websites or evaluation agencies have their own CPU ladder list, how to give CPU performance sorting is a problem, even if there are only two X86 processor companies, but AMD, Intel processor performance has advantages, how to balance single-core, multi-core, frequency and other indicators is a big problem, do not do well will burn.

BAPCo is a business alliance focused on performance testing, with a lot of benchmarking software, most famously the Sysmark series, which is not commonly used in China and is common in foreign technology media.

BAPCo was once a strong support for AMD, Intel, NVIDIA and other companies, of which AMD once contributed 80% of the evaluation recommendations, but in the two years around 2011 AMD, NVIDIA and VIA all withdrew from BAPCo, because they differ from the latter’s evaluation concept. Nigel Dessau, AMD’s senior vice president and chief marketing officer, previously said that while Sysmark 2012 had 18 applications and 390 test criteria to evaluate PC performance, seven of those applications and less than 10% of the criteria accounted for the vast majority of the total score. And some of the less commonly used performance ratio is unreasonable.

In short, with the exception of Intel, several other companies have withdrawn on the grounds that the Sysmark test does not reflect real performance, in the final analysis, that the test software is unfair to their products and does not accompany the game.

Having said so much background, it is mainly to let everyone understand the complexity of it, as to which is right or which is wrong, it is not easy to judge.

Now take a look at the desktop processor leaderboard that Sysmark 2018 review software has tested, and this test score is based on a combination of productivity, product strength and responsiveness, which can be viewed in detail here.

Sysmark releases desktop CPU leaderboard: AMD loses 6 cores to easily kill 28 cores

The number one processor on this list is the Core i9-9990XE processor, a special version of Intel’s previous version of the processor- 14-core 28-thread, but with a frequency of up to 5GHz, similar to the Core i9-9900KS, but the latter is the 8-core 16 thread.

Intel’s processors are in the top seven, with AMD’s best performers in the Ryzen 7 3700X, 8-core 16-threaded processor.

However, there are no processors such as AMD’s latest Ryzen Threadripper 3970X/3960X, nor the Ryzen 9 3900X/3950X processor.

Comprehensive Sysmark’s evaluation, it can be seen that they have a standard on CPU performance is more core is not necessarily strong, because 8700K such 6-core performance than 9980XE such as 18-core processor or even 28-core 3175X stronger, the main reason is the frequency gap, of course, high frequency plus Multicore is still superior, so processors like the Core i9-9990XE are on top.

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