Apple’s homemade drama “For All Mankind” is well received: It’s worth watching

For Apple, hardware revenue has shown a downward trend, so the active transformation of ecological services is the inevitable choice, of course, they are also actively promoting the work of home-made film and television drama. According to foreign media reports, Apple TV Plus’s first home-made play, “For All Mankind”, is about to start, and IGN after early viewing, hit a high score of 9 points.


Starring Joel Kinnaman and Sarah Jones (The Curse), the show tells the story of the U.S. losing to the Soviet Union in the space-going race to the moon, and NASA astronauts exploring further afield than Mars. The series is starring Ronald Reagan, the fantasy drama star of “Battlestar Galactica.” D. Moore, “Fargo” producer matt Wormbert and Ben Nativi contributed to this report.

IGN considers “For All Mankind” to be the most confident, fully implemented and performed part of the Apple TV Plus distribution plan. The history of the play is constantly changing and making the audience happy to guess.

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