19-year-old lying down for 1 month: sudden acute brain infarction

Recently, according to media reports, a 19-year-old young man in Nanjing because of lying down to watch dramas forĀ  a month, suffering from acute cerebral infarction, vascular conditions even like the 50-60-year-old people appear to harden, surprising. It is reported that the young man height of 170, but weight of more than 200 pounds, but also smoke, because of long-term non-exercise, like to pursue drama, in up to 1 month time after eating side lying on the side to look at the mobile phone, resulting in dizziness, walking instability, one side of limb weakness and other symptoms, after being diagnosed with acute cerebral infarction.

Acute cerebral infarct is the necrosis of brain tissue caused by a sudden interruption of blood supply to the brain. Usually mainly due to the presence of atherosclerosis and thrombosis in the arteries that supply the blood of the brain, which causes stenosis and even closure of the tube cavity, leading to the onset of acute cerebral blood supply, and also due to abnormal objects (solids, liquids, gases) circulating along the blood into the brain arteries or the neck arteries that supply blood circulation to the brain, Softening and necrosis of brain tissue that causes blood flow to be blocked or blood flow plummets.

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