(Pictured) Firefox Reality v7 Update: Send Tabs supported 6 new languages

Firefox Reality, Mozilla’s web browser, launched a year ago, promises to re-establish a web browsing experience for virtual reality (VR). The browser is dedicated to making it easier for wearers to discover content in the VR world, and today Mozilla has launched a new feature, Send Tabs, to support sending tabs.

(Pictured) Firefox Reality v7 Update: Send Tabs supported 6 new languages

Send Tabs has been testing firefox’s main browser for a long time, and now Mozilla has announced the introduction of support for Firefox Reality, making it easier for users to enjoy VR content on different devices. If you see something you like on your phone or computer, you can send the tab to the VR head over there and get a VR experience from there.

In addition to sending tabs between devices, many detail improvements have been introduced in this Firefox Reality update. Users can now copy or paste text and links by pressing and pressing a content, which will pop up in the same right-click menu as on the smartphone side. If your VR head-on device supports Bluetooth, you can also use the Bluetooth keyboard for input. Finally, Firefox Reality has added support for 6 languages and keyboard layouts, including Swedish, Finnish, Norwegian, Danish, Dutch and Polish.

This update applies to all supported head-display devices, including the Oculus Go, Quest and HTC’s Vive series. You can view the full update log on GitHub.

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