China Bank’s Surface Laptop 3 review: Microsoft’s best light book

At its Launch launch in October, Microsoft unveiled six new devices in one go, including surface Duo, a two-screen mobile device with a lot of attention, and Surface Neo, a potential new-form computer. But it’s The Surface Laptop 3 that really gets to us. After all, this is Microsoft’s current hardware products the most mature device, but also the current Microsoft in the product industry design representative.

China Bank's Surface Laptop 3 review: Microsoft's best light book

Surface Laptop 3

It’s not a revolutionary innovation, to be exact, and the Surface Laptop 3 is just a minor addition to the hardware routine upgrade. For example, the new aluminum-based keyboard surface, the original Alcantara fabric keyboard remains. The less-useful MiniDP interface was replaced with a USB Type-C, introducing the 15-inch AMD Ryzen version for the first time, the first time Microsoft has added a 15-inch model to its own laptop products.

Although the upgrade is not a big one, but Microsoft’s sincerity is still full. With The Surface Laptop 3 launch, Sina Digital has a 13.5-inch sandstone gold color scheme, so let’s see what’s changed to the new Surface Laptop 3. Whether it’s worth starting with.

China Bank's Surface Laptop 3 review: Microsoft's best light book

Not much change in appearance

More textured metal keyboard surface

Unlike the previous Surface Laptop, this year’s Surface Laptop 3 is available in 13.5-inch and 15-inch touch screen versions, the first time Microsoft has added a 15-inch model to its own laptop products. The 13.5-inch version features a metal body and alcantara fabric keyboard design.

Sina Digital is an all-metal body version, and from the beginning of the design, Surface Laptop has placed light ness in an important position. As a 13.5-inch notebook product, it has a thickness of 14.47mm. The all-metal body does not equal a significant increase in weight, compared to the Alcantara fabric keyboard 1.26 kg weight, the all-metal version is 1.28 kg, adding this little weight almost does not feel.

As an aluminum-magnesium alloy shell notebook products, the first look at it does not have any unusual feeling, after all, such a thin look in the market is not many. The only thing that identifies the most on the A side of the notebook is the Logo, which resembles the word “Tian”, which is simple and in keeping with the consistent design style of the Surface series.

China Bank's Surface Laptop 3 review: Microsoft's best light book

Metal face keyboard Metal face keyboard

The biggest change in the surface Laptop 3’s appearance is the addition of a metal keyboard to the C side, the benefits of an all-metal body that don’t require much to say, and the all-in-one aspect of the machine.

China Bank's Surface Laptop 3 review: Microsoft's best light book

Alcantara Keyboard Face

But the Alcantara keyboard surface is arguably the brightest part of the Surface Laptop design. It has a touch between a plush and smooth, subtle, even the DNA of the Surface Laptop family.

Fortunately, alcantara texturekeyboard surface also has reservations, as to which like to see personal preferences.

Surface Laptop 3 is available in sandstone gold, elegant black, grey cobalt blue, and bright platinum. Note, however, that not all versions of C will be available in Alcantara, and currently available in 13.5-inch versions of the color, with the exception of gray cobalt blue and bright platinum, and all versions of the 15-inch version offering only metallic C-faces.

The unchanging screen is better for the office

In the screen section, the Surface Laptop 3 still maintains the standards of the previous generation, with 13.5-inch 2256 x 1504 ultra-2K resolution and PixelSense 10-point touch screen, even the screen’s border being the familiar thickness.

China Bank's Surface Laptop 3 review: Microsoft's best light book

Familiar screen

In practice, the display works well, and it’s perfect lying for office on weekdays, watching videos, browsing the web, and even writing and drawing on the screen with your finger or pen. In addition, the Surface Laptop 3 screen ratio is 3:2, and it can display more content than the traditional 16:9 scale screen, which is more suitable for office use. If you want to say that the screen border thickness is really … You can only expect improvements in the next generation.

China Bank's Surface Laptop 3 review: Microsoft's best light book

Slightly thicker border

Notably, surface Laptop 3 also has a “screen enhancement option” in the side notification bar, with options for “sRGB” and “Enhancement”, which make the colors more elegant, while the latter enhances the screen contrast and the color is a little more intense. In a sense, you can simply understand this feature as the color pattern of the screen that is common in smartphones today.

China Bank's Surface Laptop 3 review: Microsoft's best light book

There are no holes in the bottom

Surface Laptop 3 doesn’t have any holes in the bottom, so you don’t have to worry about blocking the heat holes on your laptop on your legs. So where’s the heat sink? The heat sink is placed below the A side so that the heat sink is not obscured to ensure thermal efficiency.

In addition to the heat sink, the speaker also made a hidden treatment, Microsoft put it under the keyboard, but the hearing is quite good, the sound is bright and crisp, not because of the use of hidden design and the hearing has a significant impact.

China Bank's Surface Laptop 3 review: Microsoft's best light book

Keyboard or familiar taste

The Surface Laptop 3 keyboard still has a familiar taste, and the comfort is quite high. Moderate key stroke, slightly softer feedback. Compared to the MacBook keyboard, the touch of a word is more solid, and there is no obvious fatigue for long periods of use.

Finally, there’s USB Type-C.

In the interface section, surface Laptop 3 retains its proprietary magnetic suction power interface, which many people like, just like the old Apple MagSafe interface, to prevent the laptop from accidentally falling.

China Bank's Surface Laptop 3 review: Microsoft's best light book

New USB Type-C interface

Tears squipt, this time the Surface Laptop 3 finally added a USB Type-C to replace the little-useful Mini DP. With USB Type-C can do too much, in my opinion, the most important point is that through the USB Type-C can be usb surface Laptop 3 charging, go out with a charger can do. Unfortunately, USB Type-C is really just USB Type-C, and there is no Lightning 3 interface configured with Ten Generation Core native integrations.

Taken together, the Surface Laptop 3 has not changed significantly from its previous generation, and Microsoft doesn’t seem keen to attract users with larger look differences.

Ten generations of Core Plus Nuclear Show Stronger

Configured, the Surface Laptop 3 13.5-inch offers a choice of versions of the 10th-generation Core i5-1035Gi and i7-1065G7. Memory is available for 8GB or 16GB LPDDR4x.

Sina Digital gets Core i7-1065G7 and 16GB LPDDR4 memory and 256GB SSD version. This configuration is far from a performance monster, but enough for your daily use, basically a lightweight standard.

China Bank's Surface Laptop 3 review: Microsoft's best light book

CPU information

First, the core i7-1065G7 is a 10nm processor and the strongest of the first 10nm U-Series processors. The processor has a four-core, eight-thread size, base frequency 1.3GHz, maximum Turbo 3.9GHz, a three-stage cache of 8MB, tDP of 15W, and an Iris Plus Graphics.

China Bank's Surface Laptop 3 review: Microsoft's best light book

Significant increase in nuclear display

The point is the Iris Plus nuclear show, which is also the Gen 11 nuclear display that Intel has launched.

China Bank's Surface Laptop 3 review: Microsoft's best light book

CR15 test

In terms of theoretical performance testing, Cinbench R15 multi-core score 682cb, single-core score 166cb. From the test results, the i7-1065G7 performance performance is not particularly strong.

The I7-1065G7’s largest upgrade is on the nuclear display. Iris Plus Graphics has 64 EU (stream processor units for graphics cards), the strongest specification in today’s consumer processor cores.

Iris Plus’s performance in the promotion of hard power is indeed very obvious relative to the GEN 9 nuclear display, the most typical is that at 4K resolution, the highest picture quality running “Hero Alliance” can reach more than 30fps, which is unthinkable in the GEN 9 nuclear era.

China Bank's Surface Laptop 3 review: Microsoft's best light book

3DMark Measures

3DMark Measured Time Spy has a total score of 929, a graphics score of 825, A Fire Strike has a total score of 2917 and a graphics score of 3173.

Taken together, this configuration combination is sufficient to handle most of the daily, office scenarios.

AI joins power up faster

Ten generations of Core’s addition, in Terms of AI performance than the previous generation, is an example. When your notebook was asleep or hibernated, you opened the notebook screen, which will not turn on until 3 to 4 seconds. Surface Laptop 3 opens the screen in hibernation, and it lights up immediately for about a second, and responds very quickly.

In terms of battery life, measured in 50% brightness, battery mode “better performance”, connected to WiFi, online playback of 1080P video, the use of Word and other software for simple office. In full power, the power is 78% remaining after 1 hour and 30 minutes. It is estimated that the duration of the range under the condition of moderate use is about 7.5 hours. If used lightly, the duration of the battery will also be extended. Basically the standard of the mainstream thin book.

Special note, Surface Laptop 3 is memory-expanding, and easier to remove than the previous generation, if you have the ability to do it, you can upgrade it yourself manually. This Surface Laptop 3 supports 1TB SSD expansion.

And AMD version of how to choose?

The biggest look this time is the addition of the 15-inch AMD Ryzen version, which, in addition to body size, CPU, WiFi and installed versions of Windows, is essentially the same as the AMD processor version. The 15-inch version does not increase the interface because of the larger size, and there is no qualitative improvement in performance. The 15-inch Surface Laptop 3 wanted to span the realms of two laptops, but the result was that neither of them was extreme.

In contrast, the 13-inch Intel model sits with WiFi 6 and longer battery life, and a 13-inch version is recommended if there is no special need.

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