‘Avengers 4’ Exposes Campaign for Oscar Public Relations Poster, Targets Best Picture Awards

Disney has confirmed that the new movie franchise, “Avengers 4,” will run for the Oscars, and has released a new set of public relations posters titled “For Your Reference.” In disney’s previously exposed “Avengers  4” project, “Avengers  4” will compete for 12 heavyweight awards, including best picture, best director, best photography, best adapted screenplay, and so on.

《复联4》曝光竞选奥斯卡公关海报 瞄准最佳影片大奖

The new poster focuses on “Best Costume Design,” “Best Sound Effects” and “Best Editing.”

《复联4》曝光竞选奥斯卡公关海报 瞄准最佳影片大奖

《复联4》曝光竞选奥斯卡公关海报 瞄准最佳影片大奖

Although it’s nearly six months before the 92nd Academy Awards, it’s clear that the battle between the campaign blockbusters/episodes has begun. “Avengers 4” as the first time in history to decide to run for the Oscars commercial “superhero” movie, whether successful or not, will have a impact on the future Oscar landscape.

Commentators have previously argued that the Oscars’ willingness to let “superhero” movies run is actually a way to use the latter’s extraordinary influence and global heat to boost its slightly awkward, annually declining ratings.

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