Tesla Model Y goes into production ahead of schedule, with production of thousands by mid-year next year

Ben Kallo, an investment bank ingress banking analyst, said this week that Tesla’s model Y will produce 1,000 vehicles a week by mid-2020, according tomedia reports. Earlier, Mr. Carlo visited Tesla’s electric car manufacturing facility in Fremont, California. This forecast for Model Y production is what Carlo mentioned in the latest research report on the delivery of the customer. Carlo believes Tesla is on track to produce about 1,000 Model Y cars a week by mid-2020.

Tesla Model Y goes into production ahead of schedule, with production of thousands by mid-year next year

In March, Tesla unveiled the Model Y in Los Angeles, an all-electric, multi-sport sport model based on the Model 3 and the fifth since Tesla’s launch in 2003. The Model Y can travel up to 480 km after charging.

Tesla has said it plans to put the car into production in the fall of 2020. But the media recently learned that Tesla is opening a fifth assembly line at its Fremont plant and is preparing for production.

Tesla reported in the third quarter of 2019 that it was preparing for production of the Model Y faster than expected.

“Model Y is scheduled to go into production next year, and before that, model Y production equipment is now under installation,” Tesla said at the time. Drawing on the knowledge and efficiency gained from our Shanghai plant design, we (the Fremont plant) are moving faster than originally planned. “

Tesla has also confirmed that it is moving the Model Y production schedule forward from autumn 2020 to the summer of 2020, “we have advanced the Model Y production time, and now expect model Y to start production in the summer of 2020.” “

Elon Musk, Tesla’s chief executive, said he expected the product to be mass-produced by mid-2020, when it would produce about 1,000 units a week.

After visiting the Fremont plant, Mr. Carlo said that goal was achievable. From a manufacturing perspective, Mr. Caro said, Tesla is in a strong position, “and production at Tesla’s Shanghai plant seems to be on the rise.” We believe that, given the low manufacturing costs in China, Tesla Motors’ growth in the Chinese market should be substantial in the long run. In addition, Tesla plans to begin construction of its European plant in the near future and is expected to develop Model Y manufacturing capabilities in China and Europe. “

Mr. Caro also noted that Fiat Chrysler Automobiles (FCA) is expected to pay Tesla about $150 million a quarter each quarter to meet co2 emissions requirements from new emissionstandards and avoid heavy fines in the U.S. and Europe starting next quarter. Rumours about the deal have been swirling for some time, and if the rumors are true, Tesla could earn up to $2 billion.

“We have been a buyer of Tesla stock and continue to believe that the company’s stock will go higher because Tesla’s profitability and cash creation will continue as the business expands,” Mr. Carlo said. “

For the past two years, Mr. Carlow has given Tesla a “buy” rating.

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