Equipped with SnapDragon 765G realme X50 5G next month

On the evening of December 12th, there were netizens who left a message under realme product director Wang Wei wei’s weibo post: Can we get realme  X50 5G before the Spring Festival? Wang Wei gave a positive answer “yes”, it seems that realme  X50 5G may be released in January,  and start sales too. According to official information, realme  X50 5G is realme’s first 5G mobile phone, it is equipped with Qualcomm SnapDragon765G mobile platform, support SA, NSA dual-mode 5G.

Equipped with SnapDragon 765G realme real I X50 5G next month

The SnapDragon765G is Qualcomm’s first dual-mode 5G SOC, built on a 7nm EUV process with the Kryo 475 CPU and the GPU Adreno 620.

Equipped with SnapDragon 765G realme real I X50 5G next month

In addition, Realme  X50 5G with a dual-hole full screen, this is realme’s first punch-hole screen phone. Wang Wei introduced, the hole-in-screen scheme has two ideas:

1, function-oriented, mostly front double-hole, the purpose is nothing but to enhance the user’s functional experience, such as adding a wide-angle camera, enhance the selfie group shooting experience;

2, the appearance of guidance, single-hole majority, consider the visual comfort of the experience more.

It is worth noting that Wang Wei revealed realme X50 5G will support the domestic already commercial and next year will be commercial several 5G mainstream frequency bands.

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