Survey: Most Americans don’t realize Tesla Cybertruck exists

Tesla Cybertruck is likely to be the most controversial model of 2019, according tomedia. In response, Market Research firm Piplsay surveyed 21,143 Americans nationwide to better understand what Americans think of the electric pickup. It seems that most Americans don’t know cybertruck.

Survey: Most Americans don't realize Tesla Cybertruck exists

According to statistics, 56 percent of people don’t comment on the car because they haven’t seen or knew it exists, while 44 percent of those who have seen it have a negative attitude. Some people think Cybertruck is a toy for the rich, some think it has nothing to do with him, and some think Tesla should focus on how to reduce the cost of electric cars.

Another 27 percent were ambiguous, or thought the car was a bit funny at best. In the survey, only 29 percent of Americans said they were in absolute favor. In this segment, some people say they like its futuristic look, while others think it will change the design of the car.

When asked about their excitement about the launch of the smaller version of Cybetruck, 46 per cent of respondents were quick to respond “yes”. To be honest, this is a bit strange, because the current version of Cybertruck is about the size of the Ford F-150.

Another interesting message is that 18 percent said smaller versions would excite them, adding that different designs were needed to get through them. The rest of the respondents said “no” (32%) or “I don’t care” (22%) for smaller versions.

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