chinese operating system “unified operating system UOS Dragon Core Edition” will be launched

In July this year, a number of chinese operating system enterprises voluntarily launched the “unified operating system” preparatory group was formally established, they will jointly develop the “UOS unified operating system.” According to the official introduction: “UOS will adopt open source to create community research and development model, to encourage upstream and downstream industry chain manufacturers and technical personnel to participate in research and development contribution code, and jointly create a safe, easy-to-use, stable operating system products in line with the needs of industry users.” ”

After several months of development, the unified operating system UOS has completed the adaptation of Dragon Core desktop computers and servers, including Loongson 3A3000 series, Loongson 3B3000 Series, Loongson 3A4000 Series, Loongson 3B4000 Series.

According to the introduction, “unified operating system UOS Loongson Edition” brings together the common results of operating system enterprises and CPU enterprises. In the past six months, the UOS development team and Loongson’s system software development team have solved dozens of problems with Linux kernel, BIOS firmware, compiler, browser, graphics driver and many other basic software, ensuring that UOS is fully functional, experiencesmooth and stable in quality on the Longcore platform.

The “Unified Operating System UOS Dragon Core Edition” features:

▪ stable and reliable, high degree of independent intellectual property rights

▪ beautiful and easy to use, bring your own unified depth store, unified warehouse

▪, more high-performance, with more native AI smart apps

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