AMD to roll out 5nm process processor Zen4 architecture architecture is more important than process

AMD this year launched 7nm process Ryzen, epyc and Radeon graphics, three business esthembs of upgrading the new process, which is the Q3 AMD performance surge key. AMD CEO Su Zifeng also addressed this point at today’s earnings conference, saying that the 7nm process is now a good node and AMD has benefited a lot.

But the problem comes, TSMC’s 7nm process contract is open, other manufacturers can also choose TSMC 7nm, then what advantages AMD has in the processor research and development

In this regard, Su Zifeng said that in the PROCESS of CPU processor development, AMD made a number of choices, including which process technology to use, which chip architecture, (7nm Zen2 processor) AMD chose a small chip (chiplets, is the current CPU/IO separation design) structure, Su Zifeng thinks they made a good choice.

Looking ahead, Su stressed that process technology is still important, AMD must also be at the forefront of advanced process, for which AMD will transition to 5nm nodes in due course, but also from the new process to obtain more revenue.

AMD将适时推出5nm工艺处理器 Zen4架构比工艺更重要

However, Su stressed that although the  process is important, but the architecture design is more important, in the future portfolio, CPU architecture design actually plays a greater role than the process upgrade role.

According to the previous roadmap, AMD’s Zen3 architecture next year has been designed, or 7nm process, but the upgraded version of the 7nm EUV process, and the 5nm process refers to the Zen4 architecture, is still under development, the CTO previously mentioned Zen 4, Zen The 5 architecture is being designed and developed by two separate teams, and this is the first time AMD has officially recognized Zen 5.

At present, the desktop version of the Ryzen Zen4 does not have much information, but the Zen4 version of Zen4 code-named “Genoa” , will not be released until 2022, but the wait is worth it, will see a brand new SP5 platform, and the specific specifications are still in the definition, but will almost certainly see DDR5 memory, PCIe 5.0 bus, and there should be a more advanced Infinity Fabric interconnect bus.

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