DJI Mavic Mini: Body compression from mineral water to canned cola

Daji Innovations today unveiled its new Drone Product, the Mavic Mini, a drone product that weighs just 249 grams. Before getting the evaluation machine, there was actually sporadic exposure on the network, some people mentioned that the name of this product will be Mavic Mini – based on previous experience, we speculated that it would be a less-than-volume and functional ity than Mavic products, or the small one “royal”, the big one “Xiao”.

大疆Mavic Mini上手:机身再压缩 从矿泉水变罐装可乐

Sina Digital Xiaoguang Yuze

大疆Mavic Mini上手:机身再压缩 从矿泉水变罐装可乐

It weighs only 249 grams.

But after the box-out, the conclusion from the name and the old product impression was completely changed. The size of the digital 3D Mavic Mini is amazing, which will impress its users, especially those who have used Mavic before. It’s really too small.

Appearance part: As big as a can of Coke and as heavy as a cell phone

大疆Mavic Mini上手:机身再压缩 从矿泉水变罐装可乐

It’s about the size of a can of Coke.

How small is it? The Mavic Mini’s three-dimensional is basically similar to a can of Coke (even a little smaller). When the Mavic generation was released, officials said it could be packed in a bag like a bottle of mineral water, and two years later, Mavic Mini was reduced from mineral water to canned Coke. And weighing less than a can of Coke, the 249g weighs almost as much as the iPhone 11 Pro Max adds to the phone.

大疆Mavic Mini上手:机身再压缩 从矿泉水变罐装可乐

Body and all accessories can be placed in this storage bag.

Previously, although Spark “Xiao” is also the main small size of the drone products, but its flying arm can not be folded, this is the year we rated this product almost the only flaw, its three-ring and body size control is also very good, but the overall spread has a book size, plus blades, still need to be placed in the own foam box.

大疆Mavic Mini上手:机身再压缩 从矿泉水变罐装可乐

Mavic Mini is extremely portable

For drones, the reduction in size and weight is far more exciting than the improvement in performance, because for most people they can only play in a limited number of non-no-fly zones a year, and the drone’s performance is sufficient; It also means more opportunities to play.

249g this line

The Mavic Mini’s weight “249g” was also carefully designed because, according to our regulations, drones over 250g need to be registered for purchase under real names, and not under these conditions.

大疆Mavic Mini上手:机身再压缩 从矿泉水变罐装可乐

Daji deliberately marked a weight of 249 grams on the machine.

Of course, the weight loss also determines that the Mavic Mini won’t be the high-performance product of the Mavic 1 or 2 generations, and that it’s still positioned in favor of Spark, a small drone that’s better suited for selfies.

For drones, weight is a sensitive parameter, and the most effective way to reduce the amount of weight in addition to the optimization of the power portion is to reduce the battery capacity, which in turn shortens the life of the drone.

大疆Mavic Mini上手:机身再压缩 从矿泉水变罐装可乐

Newly designed rotors

For the 249g line, the Mavic Mini uses a newly designed rotor that removes the snap-on link section and connects the two directly to the turn, allowing the two blades to fit together more flexibly.

大疆Mavic Mini上手:机身再压缩 从矿泉水变罐装可乐

12 megapixel camera

The lens, like Spark, is a two-way adjustment, and the camera uses a 1/2.3-inch CMOS sensor to support 12-megapixel photos. The part of the cloud table is still a three-axis mechanical head, which can guarantee the basic stability.

大疆Mavic Mini上手:机身再压缩 从矿泉水变罐装可乐

Charging case

The battery section has been largestly improved, from the housing of most previous machines to a replaceable rechargeable battery, loaded like a SLR camera at 2,400 mAh each.

大疆Mavic Mini上手:机身再压缩 从矿泉水变罐装可乐

Loading form is similar to SLR

Of course, in order to make the Mavic Mini play a little longer, the official equipped it with three batteries and a charging case. Coupled with the remote control, can be fully installed in the storage box, the size of this box, is almost similar to the size of the generation of Osmo stable storage box.

大疆Mavic Mini上手:机身再压缩 从矿泉水变罐装可乐

There’s no hole in the bag.

Also because of its 249g and compact body size, the Mavic Mini can play indoors. To avoid the bomber’s injury, Daji even equipped it with a small black cage, which was supposed to be a signature product of another company, Hover. Flying a drone in a cage can greatly improve its safety, and hitting a person will not cause the horror of a paddle scratch.

大疆Mavic Mini上手:机身再压缩 从矿泉水变罐装可乐

Indoor flights also guarantee safety

What’s the flight handling experience like?

To better adapt to the needs of novices, Daji has also specially developed a new DJI Fly App for Mavic Mini, making it easier for novices to use. It’s just that there’s another DJI app on my phone…

大疆Mavic Mini上手:机身再压缩 从矿泉水变罐装可乐

Tailor-made DJI Fly App

The DJI Fly App interface is much simpler and more refreshing than DJI Go’ and provides you with a list of flight features, techniques, safety, and more. Video editing is also available directly in the app. This is very similar to DJI MIMO for motion cameras. In addition, the app includes a popular aerial point recommendation feature to quickly find the best location nearby. (This feature is currently only open to mainland China)

大疆Mavic Mini上手:机身再压缩 从矿泉水变罐装可乐

Support for video clips

At the beginning of the consumer drone, no one has too much to take pictures of it, this new thing can fly, can shoot, people have been very satisfied. With the development of products, users of their camera level seeking more, just like mobile phones, mobile phone camera function has become the manufacturer’s biggest selling point.

大疆Mavic Mini上手:机身再压缩 从矿泉水变罐装可乐

Taking pictures is also important for drones.

The release of the 2018 Royal 2 Pro and Zoom editions has taken the drone’s camera level to a new level. Of course, for a novice product like mavic Mini, there can’t be too much of a requirement for shooting.

Because the overall size of the body is smaller and the tiny camera doesn’t hold the larger CMOS, the Mavic Mini’s hardware camera preparation is basically similar to the Mavic Air, with a 1/2.3-inch CMOS sensor that supports 12-megapixel photos and a 2.7K video portion of the video 30fps, 1080p/60fps HD resolution video.

大疆Mavic Mini上手:机身再压缩 从矿泉水变罐装可乐

Shoot sample (background upload has compression of picture quality)

From the shooting sample, in the daytime light is sufficient, you can see the details of the performance force is still possible, the sharpness of the picture and the resolution force in the acceptable range.

大疆Mavic Mini上手:机身再压缩 从矿泉水变罐装可乐

Shoot sample (background upload has compression of picture quality)

In short, if the weather is good, the photos taken can be shared directly without a picture. If the weather is bad, or shooting the night light and light is more complex situation, or take a good time later.

Picture transmission is a very important aspect of aerial aerial drones, stable image transmission is the most basic guarantee of aerial photography. Compared to OcuSync HD digital mapping, WiFi image transmission resistance is weak, the signal transmission distance is limited, these “black history” is well known.

Due to the limited size of the fuselage, the Mavic Mini uses the same WIFI map plus as mavic Air, which officially says the distance can reach 4 km, but in the actual flight, if it does fly so far, the aircraft is likely to have no return, basically about 2 kilometers is a relatively safe number.

Throughout the previous products, whether it was the high-end Royal 2 series or the light-winded Mavic Air, the shooting modes were very rich, such as mavic Air with hui shoots to support gesture manipulation, but in reality this relatively complex operation is not very much.

大疆Mavic Mini上手:机身再压缩 从矿泉水变罐装可乐

Simple and practical shooting mode

Instead of over-fancy shooting mode, the Mavic Mini retains some very practical tricks that can be said to be tailored for novices. For example, support one-click movie recording, simple settings Mavic Mini can follow the preset route to automatically fly, automatically shoot a video, share a friend’s circle or what is quite convenient.

Taken together, the Mavic Mini has four shooting modes:

1, sky-high: Mavic Mini will rise vertically, the lens looks down on the target, this mode is more like taking a big photo.

2, Fade mode: Mavic Mini side back side rise, the lens follows the target, more suitable for selfies or a few photos.

3, surround mode: Mavic Mini to shoot the target as the center, surround flight, this is more suitable for shooting fixed buildings, the video is very aggressive.

4, spiral mode: to shoot the target as the center, spiral rise.

Taken together, novices don’t need too complex settings to get the photo you want with the touch of a button.

大疆Mavic Mini上手:机身再压缩 从矿泉水变罐装可乐

New smooth mode

For novices there is also a big problem, is the first time to start very worried about flight instability, if the flight speed is very easy to appear dangerous. The Mavic Mini has added a smooth gear while retaining the sport gear, a mode in which drone flight is slower and more manageable, more suitable for novice operation, and there is no psychological pressure in complex environments or indoor flights.

In the extended section, the official said the Mavic Mini had a battery life of 30 minutes per battery, although the number would certainly be error-prone in the actual flight, with its entanglement in a few minutes of battery life gap, or buy two more batteries more practical.

大疆Mavic Mini上手:机身再压缩 从矿泉水变罐装可乐

Not the perfect drone, but the best drone for a novice.

Summary: Not the perfect drone, but the best for novices

Due to time constraints, there is no way to experience the Mavic Mini in The Great Territory in greater depth. In terms of current usage, the Mavic Mini has taken the drone’s “equilibrium” to new heights. The Mavic Mini is more portable than the Mavic Air and more powerful than the Spark, sacrificing the transmission distance, the remote control screen, and part of the shooting mode, but the experience is not significantly reduced and is more user-friendly.

Smooth mode and simpler-to-operate app plus a price tag of less than $3,000 greatly lowers the bar for starter drones.

Of course, the Mavic Mini is not perfect, such as the elimination of rear-view bi-eye barrier avoidance sensors, and the stability of the too thin body when flying to altitudes above 50 meters is still a question mark.

In short, if you’re a novice and want to experience a drone, I’m sure there’s no better product for you than the Mavic Mini.

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