Billboard 200 list will start counting streaming music video data next year

According tomedia reports, Billboard announced that the top 200 most popular music albums in the United States, Billboard 200 began to consider the number of music on YouTube and other music streaming services also included. The change will take place on January 3rd, after which new data will have an impact on the Billboard 200′ list.

Billboard 200 list will start counting streaming music video data next year

The way people touch and enjoy their favorite music is changing. YouTube has long been a popular destination for streaming music, but with the rise of streaming services, Its popularity has begun to decline. To that end, YouTube has responded by launching its own music section, but its rival, TIDAL, which also offers music videos, has joined in.

Five years ago, Billboard added music streaming data to its data for the Billboard 200 chart — a different approach to the previous method, which used pure music album sales to determine their popularity. In addition to audio streaming data, video data will be added to Billboard’s statistical charts for specific music genres.

This isn’t the first time Billboard has added video streaming data to its charting charts — the company has made YouTube video ratings as part of its Billboard 100 and specific genre charts. But this is the first time Billboard has added that part of the data to the album’s statistics.

It’s important to note that Billboard says it will focus only on the ratings of official music videos and not on videos uploaded by unauthorized third-party accounts. From January 18 next year, music fans will be able to see the first Billboard album list with video data.

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