Unity operating system UOS loongson version on-line

Not long ago, we reported that a number of domestic operating system core enterprises, including China Electronics Group (CEC), Wuhan Deep Degree Technology Co., Ltd., Nanjing Chengmei Technology, ZTE New Fuli, and other domestic operating system core enterprises voluntarily launched the “Unity operating system  preparatory group” to jointly build” UOS Unity Operating System.”

“UOS will adopt open source to create a community research and development model, encourage upstream and downstream industry chain manufacturers and technical personnel to participate in research and development contribution code, and jointly create a safe, easy-to-use and stable operating system products that meet the needs of industry users,” the official said. ”

Unified operating system UOS Dragon Core on-line

Then, these operating system research and development of the core enterprises after integration to form the United Communications Software Technology Co., Ltd. (“Unified Trust Software”). Its official introduction shows that the company focuses on operating system and other basic software research and development and services, to develop domestic mainstream operating system as the mission, is committed to providing users in different industries with safe and stable, beautiful and easy-to-use domestic operating system and open source solutions.

Unified operating system UOS Dragon Core on-line

At present, the software has been and Dragon Core, Flying, Shenwei, Lupeng, Zhaoxin, Haiguang and other manufacturers to carry out cooperation, with the domestic mainstream machine manufacturers, as well as hundreds of software manufacturers to carry out a full range of compatibility work, common development and construction of new hardware and software technology ecology.

Unified operating system UOS Dragon Core on-line

According to the latest official news of the software, they and Dragon Core through several months of close technology docking, has completed the unified operating system UOS Dragon Core version of the compatible adaptation, fully adapted to Dragon Core desktop computers and servers, including Dragon Core 3A3000 series, Dragon Core 3B3000 series, 3A400s series, 3A4000 series, Dragon core 3B4000 series, and recently in the unified operating system official website online.

Unified operating system UOS Dragon Core on-line

Unified operating system UOS Dragon Core on-line

Officially, in the past six months, the UOS development team and Longcore Smicco’s system software research and development team, strong and close cooperation, the use of joint technology attack mode, for Linux kernel, BIOS firmware, compiler, browser, graphics drive and many other basic software to solve dozens of problems, to ensure that UOS In the Dragon Core platform, the function is perfect, the experience is smooth, the quality is stable.

Features of the Unified Operating System UOS Dragon Core version include:

Stable and reliable, high degree of independent intellectual property rights

Beautiful and easy to use, with its own unified depth store, unified warehouse

Higher performance with more native AI smart apps

Uni-operating system website: www.chinauos.com

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