Microsoft confirms Xbox Series X can be put on a lie

At yesterday’s TGA awards ceremony, Microsoft’s next-generation console, the former Xbox Scarlett, was officially unveiled and officially named the Xbox Series X. The console’s appearance is anti-traditional, the cross-section is a square, although there is no reference for the time being, but the overall look is a bit like the PC chassis. In an interview with GameSpot, Phil Spencer, microsoft’s Xbox boss, said Xbox Series X players have the option of lying down on the chassis.

Microsoft confirms Xbox Series X can be put on a lie

“The first thing I want to say is that the Xbox Series X is vertical lying or horizontal when it runs. We don’t think we have the right to decide for the player how to place the console. Players can decide for themselves. “

In the interview, Spencer was asked what the reaction was when he first saw the console, saying that while the look looks special, the console actually fits well into the background of the living room and doesn’t become the most eye-catching in the living room.

Xbox Series X hardware features:

CPU: AMD Ryzen Zen 2 CPU

GPU: GPU based on AMD Navi architecture (-12 TFLOPs)

Memory: GDDR6 SDRAM (no specific capacity determined)

Hard drive: NVMe SSD (no specific capacity determined)

Highest resolution support: 8K

Maximum refresh rate support: 120Hz

“When we first set this performance design goal, I felt it was hard for the design team to bring down the configuration because we really pushed home consoles to the extreme. I am satisfied with their final result. “

“Now it’s in my home and it fits well into the environment. The sound is not big, can be placed on the TV cabinet, in fact, my home is lying on the place, and very natural, and I imagine the same. “

Spencer added, “I saw it when my daughters came to my house for Thanksgiving, and of course they knew their dad’s job, and they said it looked great.” So I’m glad we were able to challenge the stereotype of the host’s appearance, and the design team achieved the hardware performance we originally wanted. “

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