Facebook employee’s car stolen with salary data

2019 is in its final year, but Facebook, the world’s largest social networking company, has suffered another privacy-related incident. The difference is that only Facebook’s own employees will be affected this time. Media reported that a stolen hard drive from a Facebook employee’s car, which also included unencrypted payroll data for the company’s employees, affected about 29,000 former and current employees.

Facebook employee's car stolen with salary data

Bloomberg noted that the theft took place on November 17, but the company didn’t find the hard drive stolen until three days later. On November 29, Facebook confirmed that the hard drive contained payroll data and immediately notified affected employees.

Reported that the data includes the name of employees, bank flow, salary / bonus amount, share, and social security number of the last four. A spokesman confirmed to the media:

The hard drive contains payroll records for facebook Employees in the U.S. in 2018, and does not include any Facebook user data, and the company is providing identity theft and credit monitoring for affected employees.

Through continued collaboration with law enforcement, Facebook has not recovered the stolen hard drive, but there is no evidence that the information was misused. Employees who take their hard drives home and put them in their cars without permission have been disciplined.

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