A large number of “penis fish” washed ashore after the storm, flooding California beaches.

The official Twitter account of Bay Nature magazine recently uploaded a photo of the strange meat-pink animal taken at Drex Beach on the Reyes National Coast in Northern California, according tomedia CNET. These animals are actually monocyclic hedgehogs (commonly known as sea intestines), although they are also known as “penis fish” because of their shape similar to male reproductive organs.

It is often difficult to find traces of these animals. “The ‘hotel owner’ worm built a U-shaped cave in the sediment of a low-lying mudflat, ” said the Monterey Bay Aquarium staff. These excellent ‘hoteliers’ maintain shelter for their little partners in the mud. “

The worm forms a mucus network to capture food, the aquarium official said. Then it swallows all the food and mucus.

YouTube user Kim Powell captured a dramatic sea sausage video on a California beach in 2016. Powell points out that sea otters treat these worms as delicacies.

Ivan Parr, a biologist at Bay Nature, offers an explanation for the strange phenomenon of so many sea intestines gathering in one place. Parr said the strong stormy weather in early December caused the animals to gather on Drex Beach.

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