Pornhub announces 2019 hit search report: ‘Alien porn’ surges

The adult website Pornhub shared its annual review statistics this week, according tomedia. According to its report, “alien” became one of the most popular searches it defines in 2019. In July, searches for “51” rose from zero to 160,000 in four days, according to the website, when the 51st District incident made headlines.

Pornhub announces 2019 hit search report: 'Alien porn' surges

It seems that Pornhub’s analysis of alien searches is more detailed than people think, with “alien pregnancy” as one of the most searched, followed by “alien sex.”

Other popular searches over the past year have included cosplay (role-playing) and ASMR (videos with strange soothing sounds).

It is understood that Pornhub’s 2019 search term ranked highest overall by Japanese, up four places from last year. British social media star Belle Delphine was the most searched celebrity, followed by Kim Kardashian. The top three countries for website visits are the United States, Japan and the United Kingdom.

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