Half-Life: Alyx was scheduled to make his debut at the TGA, but was temporarily canceled.

Valve had planned to present “Half Life: Alyx” at the TGA awards ceremony, but it was temporarily canceled before the ceremony began. Ahead of the TGA 2019 awards ceremony, host Geoff Keighley said people could look forward to the latest update on Half Life: Alyx, but yesterday we didn’t see a demonstration of the work, so it’s likely that “Half Life: Alyx” decided to cancel the demo before the TGA opens.

Half-Life: Alyx was scheduled to make his debut at the TGA, but was temporarily canceled.

Just hours before the TGA opened, Valve tweeted that Half Life: Alyx would not be on the TGA. “The production team is still working on it, and tonight’s “Half Life: Alyx” won’t be at the TGA ceremony. We look forward to showing you more before the new year comes out in March. ”

According to Valve insider Tyler McVicker, the main reason valve decided to cancel the show was the recently released VR game Boneworks.

“Boneworks” just released this week, which has wowed the entire VR gaming world. With impressive physical effects, this work is the most popular of all VR games, while also supporting complete body movement. By contrast, the current version of Half Life: Alyx is said to support only the transfer-style role movement. While the final release plan is to support full-body movement, the original t-shirt display on the TGA is still quite original.

So the current state of “Half Life: Alyx” may be dwarfed by bonworks contrasts, perhaps Valve worried that the player will see the decline of “Half life: Alyx”, so choose to simply cancel the show, to maintain the mystery.

While not seeing the show as expected will also disappoint some players, Valve’s choice is understandable. Since the published content does not reflect the final quality, and may allow other popular works to go down, to the contrary publicity effect, it is better to cancel the presentation. This is a truth to jumping tickets.

But with the cancellation, players are also concerned about the progress of the development of Half Life: Alyx, which could signal that Half Life: Alyx will be developed more slowly than expected and will not be available on time in March next year.

Half Life: Alyx is scheduled to officially land on PC Steam in March next year.

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