360 Push WeChat MiniProgram Recognizes Hidden Cameras under Hotel Wi-Fi

The appearance of hidden cameras makes it much less difficult to shoot. From televisions, air conditioners, routers, these large equipment, to socket holes, cans, hanging hooks, shower gel bottles and other corner corners, from all angles of the sneak shot let people be invincible. Especially in hotels, toilets and other large mobile places, but also the hard-hit areas of secret photography. In response, 360 launched a weChat program called “camera scanning”, known as connected to the room Wi-Fi, can test the hidden camera inside the wireless network.

Because it is a MiniProgram, no need to download the APP, very convenient. When used, it lists the same Wi-Fi camera and even points out a “suspected pinhole camera.”

360 Push WeChat Small Program Recognizes Hidden Cameras under Hotel Wi-Fi

The principle is not difficult, the mainstream pinhole camera have a lot in common: the cameraist uses mostly small miniature module cameras, which generally need remote control. The cameraman generally chooses to connect to the hotel’s Wi-Fi network and remote control through software or APP. 360 also pointed out that due to WeChat restrictions, MiniPrograms intelligentaccess to some LAN equipment characteristics, scanning results may be biased with the real results.

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