Linus Torvalds thinks he’s no longer a programmer

Speaking to Dirk Hohndel, VMware’s chief open source officer, at the Open Source Europe Summit, Linux author Linus Torvalds said he no longer considered himself a programmer. “I don’t know how to write code anymore, and most of the code I write is in the mail,” Explains Torvalds. Someone sent a patch and I replied with a pseudo code. I’m used to editing patches, and sometimes send them without any tests.

Literally, I just write the code in the mail and say what I think should be done. That’s what I did, I’m not a programmer anymore. ”

Torvalds says his job is to read and reply to a lot of emails and then say “no” at the end, and someone has to say no, which will prompt developers to write better code.

In other words, Torvalds is now a program manager and maintainer and no longer a developer.        He says maintainers need to respond to code submitted by developers in a timely manner, which will make developers feel that their work can at least get feedback.

Linus Torvalds 认为自己不再是一名程序员

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