Google blocks some Linux web browsers from using its services

Recently, some netizens found themselves using some Linux browsers, such as Konqueror, Falkon, and Qutebrowser, to sign in to their Google accounts, and the page shows that they can’t sign in for security reasons. It is unclear when Google will begin blocking these browsers. The user posted the story on Reddit, with some replying that they had a similar problem, but others said the Falkon browser could still log in normally.

Google blocks some Linux web browsers from using its services

Themedia, BleepingComputer, tested it on multiple computers and found that it was impossible to sign in to a Google account on Konqueror or Falkon. When you sign in, you’ll be told, “This browser or app may not be secure, try using a different browser.” If you’re already using a supported browser, you can refresh the screen and try signing in again.

The help link given by the login failure page shows that it may be due to the following reasons:

Do not support JavaScript or turn off JavaScript

Added insecure or unsupported extensions

Automated testing framework used

Embedded in other applications

At present, this phenomenon is that most people can not log in, but there is someone else can use normally. As a result, there has been a rush of discussions, with some suggesting that Google may be conducting A/B tests, or that it may be related to the installed version of QtWebEngine, or even because account settings such as 2FA have been enabled. But Google has yet to give a clear answer.

Source: Bleeping Computer

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