Domestic most advanced x86 processing organ Xuan 7nm process KX-7000 overturnamd AMD/Intel?

Although some domestic companies strive to replace the X86 with ARM and other processors as an autonomous and controllable choice, but as AMD CTO said x86 is irreplaceable, over the years accumulated a large amount of code and software doomed to such results. Domestic also actively develop domestic X86, in this regard, there are two companies, Haiguang and Megacore, the former is AMD Zen technology authorization, the latter is with VIA cooperation, is now entering the stage of independent development.

Two days ago, Megacore announced its X86 processor development plan, mainly related to two products, one is scheduled to come out in 2021 KH-4000 win series of processors, with a new autonomous CPU microarchitecture design, based on the 16nm process, and continue to follow the SoC solution, The number of CPU cores per processor is four times that of the existing open-end KH-30000 series. At the same time, the KH-40000 will continue to support dual-road interconnection, i.e. up to 64 cores in the system, as well as DDR4 memory and PCIe 3.0.

The processor is a successor to the current KH-3000 series, which has used a 16nm process, an 8-core architecture, a frequency of 2.7GHz, and supports the AVX/SSE 4.2 instruction set.

Many readers of the KH-4000 in two years later still use 16nm process to express incomprehension, in fact, KH Kaisheng series is not the pursuit of extreme performance (although the official publicity is said to be for the high-performance server market), the KH-4000 focus is in multi-core, according to the official introduction can reach the single 32 core architecture, this is the focus.

Domestic most advanced x86 processing organ Xuan 7nm process KX-7000 overturnamd AMD/Intel?

Megacore for high-performance product line is the KH first series, released in May this year is the KX-6000, based on the 16nm process, is the first domestic frequency of 3.0GHz domestic general-purpose processor, and support dual-channel DDR4-3200 memory.

In the actual test, the overall performance of the 8-core KX-6000 processor was the Intel 7 Generation Core i5. The Microcomputer’s test findings on the previous generation of 28nm 8-core KX-5000 (Fritz Chess, 7zip and CineBench) were matched by the i3-6100.

In the announcement, the successor to the KX-6000 series is the KX-7000, the process is 7nm and below, will adopt a new autonomous CPU microarchitecture, and continue the SoC design, integrated graphics card support DirectX12, in memory, USB, PCIe and other specifications, It will also target the international mainstream level at the same time.

Domestic most advanced x86 processing organ Xuan 7nm process KX-7000 overturnamd AMD/Intel?

Can the KX-7000 series catch up with Intel and AMD? We have also reported before, in the GK4 database appeared suspected KX-7000 mega-core 8-core processor, the core frequency is only 2.0GHz, single-core score 469 points, multi-core 3264 points, this achievement in the latest nine generations of Core, 7nm Ryzen is weak, of which 8 core Core i7-9700K, The Ryzen 7 3700X single core is 1316 and 1266 points, respectively.

But don’t forget that AMD, Intel processor single-core frequency generally reached 4.5-4.9GHz, compared to 2GHz KX-7000, calculated the average to 2GHz, KX-7000 IPC performance is almost comparable to Core, Ryzen 7 80-90%, This is already a remarkable achievement.

Overall, the challenge of the KX-7000 series is not only to develop the CPU architecture, but also the most difficult manufacturing process, in addition to progress. Officially this time did not mention the KX-7000 came out of time, see the situation before 2021 should be no drama, then if you can do 7nm process 4-8 core, 4.0GHz plus more, then in the replacement of most of the X86 processor or no pressure, especially in some government and enterprise markets, industrial markets and so on.

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