Google Live Translation access to mobile devices supports 44 languages

Recently, according tomedia reports, Google’s interpreter real-time translation mode is now available on mobile devices and can be used on Android and iOS devices with Google Assistant. During the 2019 Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas, Google debuted the interpreter mode, known as real-time translation. At the time, the interpreter mode was only available for Google Home speakers and third-party smart displays, including JBL, Sony, LG and Lenovo.

Google Live Translation access to mobile devices supports 44 languages

Google has since announced this real-time translation feature on its blog. According to officials, this real-time translation feature is available in 26 languages, allowing real-time translation to be communicated with Google Assistant.

It is worth mentioning thatmedia have pointed out that the interpreter model is correspondingly fast, but there is a time limit. According to the report, the time for the interpreter mode to communicate is usually limited to about 15 seconds, which requires users to wait for a response from Google Assistant after a few words, and then enter the words of communication. However, it also confirms Google’s use of the official blog presentation, which is suitable for short conversations in hotels, airports, restaurants, and so on.

So how do users use this real-time translation feature?

Google Live Translation access to mobile devices supports 44 languages

According to the introduction, users can only say things like “Hey Google, be my German translation” or “Hey Google, help me speak Spanish” to launch the feature.

Google Assistant then slides onto a form to translate a conversation between the user’s native language and the target language. If the user is not sure what is acceptable response in a given situation, the feature can also provide an intelligent response to drive the conversation at the time. It’s worth noting that this real-time translation feature also provides some Gmail smart replies to help the conversation run smoothly.

Today, Google’s real-time translation feature is on the mobile side. Among them, the most obvious improvement is the increase of translation language. Google’s live translation feature currently supports 44 languages, including Chinese, Korean, Japanese, Arabic, Hindi, and Russian, the report said. (Specific supported languages can be found here)

In addition, it’s worth noting that in English, Google launched a new version of Google Assistant this fall that supports English translation work offline and delivers nearly 10 times faster responses than previous generations of devices with “near-zero” delayed processing of speech.

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