Xbox Series X and “Blade of Hell 2” Drive Microsoft Performance Indicator Growth

At this week’s TGA, Microsoft unveiled next-generation Xbox consoles and next-generation new “Blade sewby 2”, and according to Aaron Greenberg of Microsoft’s Xbox team, microsoft’s announcement of the two positive news, the internal performance indicators showed a significant increase. The Xbox Series X had 3.7 million more hours of viewing in 24 hours than the E3 2019, according to analyst Benji.

Blade of Hell’s video hits were more than 755,000 more than any Xbox E3 2019 video, slightly worse than the much-anticipated Halo: Infinity.

Greenberg also confirmed on Twitter that after the two good news announcements, the Xbox team saw internal performance metrics break records. “After last night’s announcement, we saw a new record for internal performance. Thank you for your support and feedback. It’s really like Geoff Keighley, and sometimes surprises come. “

“The Xbox Series X will be our fastest and most powerful console, setting a new benchmark for game performance and speed compatibility, allowing players to inherit thousands of games from the first three generations of console libraries. Its industrial design allows us to achieve four times the power of the Xbox One X while keeping the mechanism quiet and efficient, which is critical to a truly immersive gaming experience. Our design also supports horizontal and vertical placement. The new consoles are as bold and unique as our players and our innovation partners around the world. “

“Blade of Hell 2” is a sequel to Theory Ninja Studios, and the video was generated directly from the game engine and was created for Xbox Series X. Xbox Series X to launch your dreams. “

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