Baoke Dream Company has been granted permission to obtain the identity of the leaker of “Baoke Dream: Sword/Shield”

Not long ago, Baoke Dream Company (International Department) has hired a team of professional lawyers, for those suspected of leaking many confidential details before the “Baoke Dream: Sword / Shield” before the sale of a number of suspects, will launch a follow-up investigation and prosecution, according tomedia VGC reported recently, Baoke Dream company has been licensed to obtain Discord and 4Chan in the leak of “Baoke Dream: Sword / Shield” information user identity.

If, as previously reported, Pokemon Go decides to issue subpoenas to users of Discord and 4Chan platforms that disclose information, the two platforms will have no choice but to provide personal information about the individuals concerned.

The lawsuit, filed in late November, accuses unidentified Discord and 4Chan users of “stealing trade secrets from TPCi (Poco Dream International) and illegally shooting pages from an unpublished guide”

The users are accused of posting images of The Great Giant, as well as unannounced images of The New Evolutionary Form of The Treasure Dream, just weeks before the official release of “Baoke Dream: Sword/Shield” on November 15.

The lawyers claimed that the leak had caused “irreparable harm” to The Company and that the company “has the right to demand compensation from the defendant seeking compensation for the amount of damages it has proved at trial”. So far, The Company has identified four potential U.S. leakers through its Discord name.

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