The name of the Xbox Series X has been the equivalent of confirming multiple models

One of the biggest surprises at this TGA was the debut of the next-generation Xbox. The enigmatic Xbox Scarlett was officially met with the shape design and was officially named Xbox Series X. And from that name we can almost confirm that Microsoft intends to release more than two models in this generation.

The name of the Xbox Series X has been the equivalent of confirming multiple models

Intergenerational upgrades

In fact, since the last generation, Microsoft and Sony have started to roll out optimized models, we see the Xbox 360 S and PS3 Slim. This generation has seen intergenerational hardware upgrades, the Xbox One X and the PS4 Pro, and they haven’t affected the launch and sale of the lightweight Xbox One S and PS4 Slim.

And this intergenerational upgrade has been proven to be reasonable and effective by the market. With this hardware upgrade, core players can keep up with the development of hardware technology, enjoy a better audio and video experience, and do not need to force all players to follow the cost of updating. So we can’t help but wonder, since the upgrade once got a good effect, then can upgrade two, three times?

Series X

The name Xbox Series X looks a bit strange. Why didn’t Microsoft directly use the development code, Scarlett? This Series X may seem a little confusing at first: First, it’s long, Xbox Series X, divided into three parts, and the name has a higher understanding cost from a product and market perspective. Second, its suffix X will confuse people with the current Xbox One X.

But if you think about it, you’ll find out what Microsoft is trying to do: the name is clearly implying that this generation of hosts will form a hardware family. And to be called a series, at least more than the current base / thin version / professional version of the three categories to make sense. So the name is in the next big game, although a bit of a bit unacceptable, but as long as accepted will produce a high degree of scalability.

The name of the Xbox Series X has been the equivalent of confirming multiple models

An Xbox S, Unlimited Xbox Ss 1, 2, 3…

As we said earlier, intergenerational hardware upgrades have been market-proven, is a good development situation that players and developers can accept, so it is clear that Microsoft intends to replicate this successful experience many times, multiple intergenerational upgrades. It’s likely that the Xbox X will be available in the future with a thin version of the Xbox S, and then the x at the end will become an unknown and make multiple hardware upgrades.

This also means that Microsoft game consoles not only architecture close to the PC, but also hardware selectivity will be more like, closer to the PC, players will be able to choose to start with the most cutting-edge expensive hardware to get the best game experience, can also choose not to carry out hardware upgrades will be used, and the same console generation of common game library will converge these two types of players, Avoiding fragmentation of the player base is great news for both players and game developers.


It may seem a bit too much to speculate and speculate on the name Xbox Series X alone, but it’s a very likely general direction. The Xbox Series S will represent a thin, cost-effective option, while the Xbox “Series 1, 2, 3…” will be available to expand in due course for years to come. After all, Moore’s Law is about to reach its limits, and perhaps next-generation consoles will be the ultimate generation of silicon-based chips, and the Xbox Series X name leaves plenty of room for expansion in the future.

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