Man sees real neutron star for the first time: weird twist

Stars evolve to the end of life and become white dwarfs, neutron stars, or black holes according to their mass. Now, for the first time, humans have seen what a real neutron star looks like. In the universe, neutron stars are the densest objects outside black holes, and their internal pressure is so great that electrons are compressed into the nucleus to neutralize protons into neutrons, making the entire atom and the entire star only neutrons, with a density equivalent to more than 100 million tons per cubic centimeter.

Man sees real neutron star for the first time: weird twist

The neutron star, numberjated J0030-0451, is located in Pisces, about 1,100 light-years from Earth, and has a mass equivalent to 1.3-1.4 suns, but only 26 kilometers in diameter.

Using the Neutron Star Internal Component slot rout (NICER) installed on the International Space Station, the researchers conducted a high-precision detection of the neutron star in the X-ray band and found that its “hot spots” were significantly off the line they were supposed to be.

“Hot spots” usually correspond to the magnetic poles of neutron stars, which, like lighthouses, sweep into space as they radiate at high speed, so neutron stars are also called pulsars.

Theoretically, there should be two neutron stars’ “hot spots”, located on the two hemispheres of the neutron planet, each near the poles, but there are three “hot spots” on the surface of J0030-0451, and are concentrated in the southern hemisphere, with different shapes, a circle, an oval, a crescent, It was as if the whole time and space had been strangely distorted.

This surprised the researchers, but it was not clear how it formed or how its magnetic field would be distributed.

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