North Carolina officials hint apple may still be building new campus in the state

About a year ago, it was reported that Apple might consider building a new campus in North Carolina, but Apple has since announced that it has built a new campus in Austin, Texas, according tomedia outlet Apple Insider. But the North Carolina district council has hinted that the company may come to the area.

North Carolina officials hint apple may still be building new campus in the state

In 2018, there are persistent reports that Apple plans to build a new campus in the Triangle Research Park in Raleigh, Durham, North Carolina, and Chapel Hill. Now, a year after the plans appear to have been canceled, local officials have confirmed that Apple does own land there.

Apple Insider had previously reported that the land had been bought by an investment firm called Acute Investments in December 2018. Acute Investments, listed on the estate contract, is represented by Bruce Thompson, a local lawyer who is a lobbyist for companies such as Apple. Neither the company nor the state government has commented.

But North Carolina’s commerce secretary, Tony Copeland, said in a recent interview with local radio station WRAL that the 281-acre site in Wake County is “controlled by Apple.” North Carolina will not disclose details of the deal, saying only that it is a standard procedure for commenting on issues such as incentives to attract companies to the region.

“When Apple told us it was no longer an active project, we all thought there was no hope of it going on, so we would release the records,” Copeland said. Apple did not comment on why it chose Austin, Texas, over North Carolina, but a year later, local officials said the issue could be related to the leak.

“Apple and its likes are very sensitive to information leaks,” Senate Majority Leader Harry Brown told WRAL. “

But in the 2018 debate, there were also reports that Apple was worried about undisclosed legislation. Tim Cook and Jeff Williams regularly receive briefings on “intervention in constitutional amendments to increase political influence,” according to a report.

Meanwhile, not everyone in North Carolina welcomed Apple’s prospects of building a large new campus there.

“All of these new employees will need to travel; they’ll need to be on the highway,” Allan Freyer of the North Carolina Justice Center told US News and World Report in August 2018. This is not the worst problem. We want new jobs and the arrival of big companies. But the question is, do we have the capacity to provide the infrastructure and public services we need? “

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