New energy used car embarrassment: Tesla drops 300,000 re-harvest stake is worrying

“Sellers do not want to sell, car dealers do not want to collect, buyers dare not buy”, new energy second-hand cars are caught in such a strange circle. “Customers who are looking to buy new energy used cars are mostly targeted, and high-end brands like Tesla are their first choice, but low-end electric models are not going to be sold because we can’t sell them at all.” A few days ago, Beijing Huaxiang second-hand car market, a merchant told the Daily Economic News reporter, now buy new energy second-hand car people are still a minority, too many cars their funds can not afford.

New energy used car embarrassment: Tesla drops 300,000 re-harvest stake is worrying

Although the domestic new energy vehicle stake has already exceeded a million units, but in the second-hand car market, new energy vehicles still exist as a “minority choice” status. A few days ago, “Daily Economic News” reporter in the investigation visit found that “there are sellers without buyers” is still the normal new energy second-hand car market. For second-hand car dealers, cash flow is the “lifeline”, even if sold at a low price, can not throw the car into the hands. In this case, the new energy used car preservation rate is worrying.

Second-hand fuel cars sell better

Public data show that second-hand fuel vehicles “on the shelf”, the month to achieve the proportion of transactions more than 40%, the vast majority of second-hand fuel vehicles can be completed within two months, but the new energy second-hand car “on the shelf”, the proportion of the month sold is less than 10%.

“At the beginning of this year I received an electric car, when it was a half-price purchase, the result of 8 months did not sell, quickly into a ‘town shop treasure’, and finally lost tens of thousands of dollars to sell.” “A merchant at the second-hand car market in Beijing Huaxiang complained to reporters.

The merchant admitted that the new energy used cars are difficult to sell, mainly because of its range is not easy to grasp, consumers have no way to test. Coupled with the rapid iteration of new energy vehicles in terms of battery life and technology updates, this also allows more consumers to look to new cars.

“For second-hand fuel vehicles, customers can often judge the powertrain, chassis and other vehicles by mileage, but for new energy used cars, ordinary consumers if only through the mileage to judge the extent of the decay of the vehicle power battery. The above-mentioned used car merchants told reporters.

A second-hand new energy vehicle sales merchants told reporters: “We also buy vehicles have standards, driving mileage of more than 60,000 kilometers of vehicles, generally do not receive.” Because the profits of second-hand new energy vehicles are very thin, buy a car most of the customers are used to run the network about the car, we want to promise the user the vehicle’s range, and the driving range of more than 60,000 kilometers of electric vehicles, power battery decay is too serious, can not guarantee the normal daily use, if the replacement of the power battery, the price is higher than the purchase price of the vehicle itself it doesn’t pay off. “

According to reporters, a new energy vehicle after the warranty period, if you want to replace the battery, the cost is expected to be around 40,000 yuan, which is basically the same as the price of some new energy vehicles in the second-hand car market.

According to the November 2019 China Automotive Preservation Rate Report released by the China Automobile Circulation Association, the average value-saving rate of pure electric new energy vehicles of three years of age is 36.4%, which is significantly lower than that of conventional fuel vehicles. In the new energy vehicle preservation rate ranking, only the Tesla Model X model (three-year age) of the preservation rate of 63.9%, a large number of domestic brands of new energy vehicles (three-year age) are less than 50% of the preservation rate.

According to the “2019 China Automotive Preservation Rate Report” issued by the China Automobile Finance and Preservation Rate Research Committee, the top five are Tesla Model X, Tesla Model S, Buick VELITE 5, Volvo S60L and BYD Song DM, The hedging rates were 74.98 percent, 71.42 percent, 60.67 percent, 58.43 percent and 58.05 percent, respectively. This means that, with the exception of Tesla, the value of the remaining new energy models is generally less than 60%.

A second-hand car merchant told reporters: “We pick up even high-end electric car brands like Tesla, will not first look at the vehicle life and mileage, directly the purchase price in the official guide price of 300,000, and then according to the car condition price adjustment.” “

Second-hand new energy car circle

Generally speaking, the factors that affect the vehicle’s preservation rate mainly include new car price fluctuations, brand reputation, retention, vehicle performance, practicality, maintenance costs and convenience. But for second-hand new energy vehicles, brand premium and technical strength determine the rate of preservation of the model.

“In general, the more the brand has a historical background and a mass base, the higher the brand’s premium capacity, while vehicle performance and new car terminal prices also affect the price trend of used cars. Luo Lei, deputy secretary-general of the China Automobile Circulation Association, told reporters that with the increase of range and intelligence, the residual value of second-hand new energy vehicles will fall.

At present, new energy second-hand cars have been caught in the “sellers do not want to sell, car dealers do not want to collect, buyers dare not buy” cycle. Because of this, the main body of the current promotion of second-hand new energy vehicle transactions is actually auto motive enterprises.

It is understood that BAIC New Energy in 2016 put forward the market price of 45%-55% to buy back a certain period of new energy vehicles. Yundu Automobile also proposed in 2018 to buy a three-year, 60,000-kilometer drive within the new energy used cars, the repurchase price of 50% of the subsidized car price. At the same time, BYD, Dongfeng Nissan and so on have their own new energy models buy back program. Tesla, Weilai, Weima is directly on the official website on the certification of used car sales.

Insiders said: “Car companies through this move, nothing but hope that users continue to buy the same brand of car upgrade, become a ‘return to customers’.” On the other hand, the residual value rate is still an objective reflection of the brand strength of the car companies, car companies do not want the residual value problem to affect the consumer’s decision to buy new cars of the brand. “

“Since 2018, the China Automobile Circulation Association has been promoting the development of the group standards for the evaluation of second-hand vehicles in new energy passenger cars, including the requirements of the new energy used vehicle appraisal and evaluation institutions, the identification procedures, technical status appraisal requirements, and with the support of relevant units and scientific research and academic institutions, After three discussions, a third edition of the discussion paper was formed. Luo Lei told reporters, “New energy passenger car second-hand vehicle identification and evaluation technical specifications” is expected to be officially launched early next year. “

In the second-hand car industry expert Wang Meng, “the current new energy vehicle ownership of nearly 3 million vehicles, and the second-hand fuel car market broke out, the number of cars has reached 80 million units, when the market share of new energy vehicles reached 20%, second-hand new energy vehicle market is expected to develop.” “

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