U.S. Census Bureau will use thousands of Apple devices next year to improve accuracy and reduce costs

The U.S. Census Bureau said Wednesday it will use “thousands” of Apple iOS devices in next year’s census, foreign media outlet Apple Insider reported. Apple Chief Financial Officer Luca Maestri said in a financial conference call that the U.S. Census Bureau will use the company’s iOS device through partner company CDW. The aim is to deploy equipment for next year’s census and to improve the way data is collected and managed.

美国人口普查局将于明年使用成千上万台苹果设备 以提高准确性并降低成本

“The U.S. Census Bureau is making fundamental changes to the design and implementation of next year’s census, with the goal of reducing costs by leveraging iOS mobility, user experience and privacy to produce high-quality results,” he said. “

He continued: “Thousands of Apple devices will be deployed this fiscal year to support an innovative new model for collecting and managing census data. We are proud that our products will play an important role in advancing the quality of this critical program while protecting the privacy and security of this data. “

Maestri also said the devices would be available through Apple Financial Services, Apple’s corporate finance platform, and partner CDW.

“This will minimize the cost to the public by leveraging the unique and powerful residual values of Apple devices,” he concluded. “

It remains unclear when, how, and whether the U.S. Census Bureau intends to deploy the devices, or whether it will buy hardware. As the 2020 census approaches, Apple or U.S. government agencies may discuss the plan in more detail.

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