The number of downloads of the Disney-Mobile app has exceeded 22 million

According tomedia BGR, the impressive release of Disney Plus essentially provides us with a case study of how to successfully enter the saturated media market and have an immediate impact. There is no doubt that streaming is becoming increasingly “crowded” today, but Disney has made itself a strong contender for the field with its reasonably priced, familiar and beloved content libraries and popular new original shows such as The Mandalorian.

The number of downloads of the Disney-Mobile app has exceeded 22 million

While official figures on the release of Disney Plus have yet to be officially released, early reports suggest that Disney Plus is moving fast and quickly amassing millions of new subscribers. On the day of the launch, Disney issued a press release saying it saw “extraordinary demand, with more than 10 million subscribers.” “

With that in mind, a new report by Apptopia, a research firm, shows that interest in Disney Plus has not waned since its launch. In particular, Apptopia noted that the Disney Plus app has been downloaded to 22 million mobile devices. In addition, the company claims that users are highly involved in the service, with an estimated 9.5 million users using the app every day. The numbers are staggering for a service that has only been available for a month.

Notably, Apptopia’s research measures only installation on mobile devices, not including downloads of set-top boxes such as Apple TV. In other words, the actual number of Disney Plus users may be even higher than Apptopia’s numbers suggest.

Once Disney announces its fourth-quarter earnings results, we’ll have a more specific look at the performance of Disney Plus, but the early evidence is encouraging. Relatedly, it is interesting to see whether the success of Disney Plus will have a significant impact on Netflix’s subscriber base.

“We have to continue to do what we’ve been doing, producing the best content and delivering it seamlessly,” Ted Sarandos, Netflix’s chief content officer, said a few weeks ago. I think the bigger the scale, the more distractions you have from your core business, the less likely you are to move as quickly as we used to. The new competitor is actually just a former competitor. “

At the same time, Netflix is still pouring a lot of cash into new content, and we haven’t seen any evidence that consumers are giving up their Netflix subscriptions and turning to Disney Plus.

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