Huawei will still be involved in building Norway’s 5G network, but not the core network.

WASHINGTON, Dec 16 (Reuters) – Telenor, a multinational telecoms operator, reiterated on Sunday that Huawei would work with Ericsson to build Norway’s 5G network. Telenor has become one of several companies that continue to work with Huawei despite U.S. pressure.

Huawei will still be involved in building Norway's 5G network, but not the core network.

However, Petter-Boerre Furberg, head of Telenor’s Norwegian operations, told Reuters on Friday that the company would phase out Huawei’s network components in Norway’s telecommunications network during a four- to five-year upgrade.

Hanne Knudsen, Telenor’s vice president of communications, told Reuters that Huawei would continue to play a role in the company’s infrastructure upgrades. In the 4G network age, Telenor has worked with Huawei for 10 years.

“Ericsson has been introduced by the company as a new 5G wireless access network (RAN) supplier, but we will also work with Huawei to maintain existing 4G networks and upgrade 4G networks to 5G networks in parts of Norway,” Knudsen said in response to written questions from Reuters. “

“Huawei has provided hardware for 4G wireless access networks, but not core networks,” she said. When they will be involved in the construction of 5G networks in some areas, they are also the hardware that provides wireless access networks, not the core network hardware. “

Knudsen also said THAT DNA, telenor’s Finnish subsidiary, also listed Huawei as one of several suppliers of 5G wireless access networks.

Wireless Access Network (RAN) connects smartphones to mobile networks, accounting for most of the cost of 5G networks. But it is not a core part of a 5G network.

Huawei said it welcomed competition in the 5G sector and looked forward to continuing to work with Telenor.

Telenor is building its core network with Nokia and Ericsson devices. Last week, Deutsche Telekom announced that it would choose Huawei and Nokia to build its 5G network. (Liu Chun)

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