Xiaomi watch recent exposure at a glance

On October 30, three days after Xiaomi’s watch came to light, there have been a series of official reports, from appearance to internal performance core to software system, basically building the entire view of Xiaomi watch for users. From the outside, the Xiaomi watch is designed in the same language as Apple’s Apple Watch, and is generally a square dial design, distinguishing it from the Xiaomi watch watch dial that is suspected to be larger, and the angle is not the Apple Watch rounded.


In addition, in the crown at the same time, the right side suspected to have a key, the specific use of instructions have not been exposed, we have no way to know, but the function of the crown is generally used to turn the page, in this morning Xiaomi Quheng exposed a video, the video crown is used to turn the page to browse the APP use, whether there are other roles is not clear.

Appearance, the table frame is made of metal, while the dial is covered with 3D glass, the overall convex is out of the table frame, like water to overflow the look along the edge of the cup. The back design has not yet been exposed, but it should still be a traditional type of sensor. The strap uses latex, which is black and silver in the color of the black-and-silver two-color dial.


In the configuration, the table is equipped with a separate WiFi/Bluetooth, standalone GPS, standalone NFC, as well as a linear motor, speaker eSIM virtual card. At the same time, qualcomm Dragon wearable flagship processor, large milliamp battery.


Functionally, no longer bound by Bluetooth, can independently pick up phone calls, send and receive text messages, internet access and various hard-core configuration, at the same time, can also install an app, can control the smart home.

In addition, today Xiaomi Quheng released on Weibo, its watch on the B station to watch the short video. Qu Heng says the real smartwatch is actually a “smartphone” in the form of a watch. Everyone generally use the mobile phone to do what, I occasionally brush B station, our engineers said not to lose, said Xiaomi watch can also, so they want me to take this internal test function out to show

As can be seen from the display video, Xiaomi watch has built-in beep-mile software that shows the favorites directly after opening. On the video side, as with other versions, the user can also show the screen. In the video, you can also see the sound, Alipay, WeChat and other applications.


Finally, on the system, Xiaomi will be implanted into the MIUI system, bringing the open watch eco-operating system “MIUI For Watch”, but also brought a short video of the system used on the watch, the video shows the watch installed a variety of mobile phone APP, support for download and installation, watch panel selection is also many.

In summary, on the Xiaomi watch is currently released information, this is indeed a breakthrough in performance and function of the product, want to use THE normal use of APP on the watch is not only a system problem, the processor will be strengthened accordingly. There’s no doubt that the popular Apple Watch design language, ultra-high usability, high-performance processors, and MIUI system plus holdings.

But the problem is also very prominent, in the watch to use mobile phone APP, will inevitably face the app on the various cache garbage, as well as the app’s bloated problem, at the same time, with high-performance processing, heat dissipation to a certain extent is also worth noting, battery life is also a worry, it is not yet known which Xiaomi watch will use a processor, However, the news is that Qualcomm recently launched the smartwatch processor Wear 3300, based on the 12nm Dragon 429, Xiaomi watch is likely to be equipped with this processor.

It is reported that the processor, the maximum frequency may be 2.0GHz, support Bluetooth 5.0, equipped with improved eMMC 5.1 storage, and support 64-bit applications, equipped with 1GB of memory. From this data point of view, the 12nm Dragon 429 processor is not a power-saving processor, at present, the latest technology is 7nm, no doubt more power-saving.

In addition, Xiaomi watch is indeed a lot of usability, but the contradiction is also very protruding, in what scenario will be on the watch to use mobile phone APP? According to the information given, the user can watch the video on the watch, but how practical is this operation? Use does not mean practicality, some questions will be answered at the Xiaomi launch on November 5th, please keep an eye on it.

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