Time’s Top 10 technology products of the 2010s: Apple has three seats

Recently, Time magazine published its own selection of the 2010s (since 2010) 10 years of the impact of the top 10 technology products, while Apple occupies three seats, is the only technology company to occupy more than one seat. The top 10 technology products are said to be Apple’s iPad, Apple Watch and AirPods wireless headphones.

iPad (2010)

Before Apple launched the iPad in 2010, the concept of “tablet” was largely devalued as a sci-fi movie, running a bad operating system. But Apple’s iPad (like the previous iPhone) has brought about a cultural shift in personal digital devices and laid the groundwork for the next portable device.

Time's Top 10 technology products of the 1910s: Apple has three seats

Its impressive multi-touch display, completely abandoned physical keys and plenty of software and media options create the perfect entertainment storm for everyone. While competitors have plenty of time to build laptops or removable 2-in-1 computers to overcome the iPad’s biggest pain, Apple is continuing to improve the platform’s iPad OS and hardware, and tablet computing will enter a new chapter in the next decade.

Apple Watch (2015)

While many businesses have tried, it’s hard to match the Apple Watch’s performance and performance, making it a benchmark for smartwatches. Since its launch in 2015, it has evolved from a device for tasters and developers to a mainstream accessory due to its intelligent software and ever-improving hardware. As the Apple Watch expands its health-oriented capabilities, it may be the easiest way to keep your health healthy and exercise as planned.

Time's Top 10 technology products of the 1910s: Apple has three seats

Apple AirPods (2016)

Like the iconic iPod, Apple’s AirPods have attracted countless music lovers and captured their hearts. The AirPods, first released in 2016, are quickly embraced by consumers because of their aesthetic appeal and greater cultural influence.

Time's Top 10 technology products of the 1910s: Apple has three seats

But the surge in consumer groups is not without criticism. Its controversial manufacturing methods make disposal and recycling difficult, and once completed, it may change our view of the future of small wearable digital devices.

AirPods are even socially significant, thanks to the proliferation of jokes and memes on social media, giving AirPods more meaning. But this year’s Launch of the AirPods Pro is equipped with more cutting-edge hardware and software, making them the gold standard for true wireless audio for music fans.

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