Sony’s third-quarter handset sales were only 600,000 : less than Huawei’s one-day sales

On October 31st, Android Power reported that Sony Mobile had developed a stunning smartphone, but for a variety of reasons the company’s smartphone sales had underperformed. Sony Mobile sold only 600,000 smartphones between the beginning of July and the end of September, according to the report, and from this perspective, Sony’s handset shipments for the entire quarter were less than Huawei’s average one-day handset shipments.

索尼第三季度手机销量仅60万台 外媒:不及华为一天销量

Sales of 600,000 units were a far cry from Sony’s forecast, which initially estimated that it would sell 5m smartphones in the third quarter of this year, and after a particularly poor second-quarter performance, Sony lowered its forecast to 4m units, although the actual sales figure was only 12 per cent of the original estimate.

Android Authority points out that Sony’s smartphone sales are falling so fast that it raises concerns about whether it will survive in 2020.

Android Authority says that while we love Sony’s flagship Xperia 1, it’s unfortunate that sony Mobile’s future is unknown.

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