The most BUGY updates in history: Reissued KB4522355 makes start menu crash

On October 24, Microsoft re-released the KB452355 cumulative update, with 19H1 users rising to Build 18362.449 after installation, and 19H2 users to Build 18363.449. Although this cumulative update focuses on fixing Edge browser errors, some users have reported a menu usage failure after the upgrade.


Users reported that the Windows 10 system’s Start Menu crashed and was in an unresponsive state after the cumulative update of KB4522355 was installed. The cumulative update, which was first released on Tuesday, september, led to a “critical error” alert to the start menu, and now Microsoft’s re-released update has caused the start menu to fail again, but the two are slightly different.


One user responded:

Part of this update is to correct start menu issues that many users experience. However, I would like to report that this problem still exists and remains a major problem. We are doing our best to upgrade Version 1803 because it is about to expire (November 12, 2019), but this particular issue prevented us from doing so.

In addition, user feedback states that Microsoft’s re-released KB4522355 cumulative update failed to install and displays a generic error message (0x800F081F) to some users. The user said the patch had failed to install and displayed the following error message:

Windows cannot install the following update, error code 0x800F081F:2019-10 Cumulative Update for Windows 10 Version 1903 for x64-based Systems (KB4522355).


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