the bathroom is hard to smell? Japan launches deodorant bulb

Home life is inevitable encountered an embarrassing problem, is that the bathroom smell. For bathrooms with windows, the easiest way to do this is to open the windows to ventilate. But in the winter, the problem is awkward, all kinds of “wonderful” taste son at all. Today we’re all about deodorizing  technology from Doshisha, Japan, a light bulb with deodorizing. It is reported that Doshisha this deodorant bulb has a negative ion deodorization function, and the switch on the same time can be injected with negative ions.


It achieves deodorizing by suppressing odor-causing bacteria and is ideal for use in toilets. In addition, the bulb is equipped with a human sensor that monitors whether someone is releasing negative ions and reduces power consumption when no one is.


In addition to being able to use in the bathroom, if your wardrobe or shoe cabinet has a light bulb socket, it can also be used here, can play a role in the narrow space deodorization and lighting.


Doshisha’s deodorant bulb measures 90x95mm and weighs about 132g.

In short, the need for lighting and taste of the place, this small light bulb can be sent to work. The deodorant bulb, available in white and yellow, costs 4,980 yen, or about 304 yuan.

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