State Post Office: China’s express annual business volume exceeds 60 billion pieces

On the morning of December 16th, the real-time monitoring data of the postal security supervision information system of the State Post Office showed that the 60 billionth thin express shipment of China’s express delivery industry in 2019 was born, which is a commodity purchased by a consumer in Shanxi, China, from The Tianjin Free Trade Zone. This marks China’s annual express business volume into the 60 billion era, is the history of express development of another milestone, but also the express industry for the 70th anniversary of the founding of New China presented a gift.

State Post Office: China's express annual business volume exceeds 60 billion pieces

State Post Office: China's express annual business volume exceeds 60 billion pieces

Feng Lihu, press spokesman of the State Post Office and director of the Market Supervision Department, said that since the 13th Five-Year Plan, China’s express parcel volume has increased by 10 billion pieces per year, surpassing the United States, Japan, Europe and other advanced economies for six consecutive years. China has become the world’s fastest-growing and most dynamic emerging delivery market, has also become the world’s postal industry’s power source and stabilizer, the world’s express industry growth contribution rate of more than 50%.

It is estimated that the average value of each package in China is about 137 yuan, which means that the economy will be indirectly promoted by 1.37 trillion yuan in 2019. At present, China’s postal industry presents the characteristics of “1225”, that is, the postal industry business income accounted for nearly 1% of GDP, the annual employment of 2% of the total number of new employment, indirectly promote the total economic volume accounted for 20% of the national economic growth; The industry supports cross-border e-commerce transactions of more than 350 billion yuan, providing “Chinese wisdom” and contributing “China’s strength” to expand international trade channels, optimize multilateral resource allocation and enhance global economic connectivity.

The delivery channel has become one of the important channels to close the distance between theChinese people and the world and to open the circulation of goods. In recent years, the postal industry actively serve the “Belt and Road” construction. The State Post Office fully implemented the spirit of the 19th National Congress of the Party, guided by Xi Jinping’s new era of socialist ideas with Chinese characteristics, issued “guidelines on promoting the construction of the Belt and Road” of postal services, and signed a letter of intent for cooperation with the UPU framework of “Belt and Road”, with the mission of “sie-road mailing, smooth access to the world”, In order to promote the construction of a convenient and smooth, inclusive global delivery service network as the main line, adhere to the introduction and go out, but also docking along the national strategic policies and development needs, comprehensively promote pragmatic cooperation, the new model of cross-road postal transport, the joint construction of a new mechanism for international postal cooperation, sharing the new achievements of the postal industry along the line, and achieved good results.

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