“Baby Yoda” playing hide-and-seek in “The Mandaloe” may be the cutest meme ever

Just as many fans thought “Baby Yoda” was the cutest scene ever seen in “The Mandalorian,” the “Yoda Baby” hide-and-seek game that appeared in episode six last week may have been even better, according tomedia CNET. It may just be a “baby”, but it still knows how to survive.

Many fans of “Baby Yoda” love his self-help game. One fan wrote: “Yoda is not a Jedi warrior. He’s a ninja master, and hide-and-seek anywhere can’t beat it. “

Please note that episode 7 of “The Mandalorians” will air on Wednesday, December 18, local time, so fans will have to wait just a few days to see the next game of “Baby Yoda.”

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