Tapping beer cans doesn’t actually prevent squirting when opened, study says

Knocking on the side or top of a beer can is a proven tradition that is said to help prevent squirting when opened,media BGR reported. A lot of people do this, maybe just out of habit, but does it really work? Scientists now have the answer.

Tapping beer cans doesn't actually prevent squirting when opened, study says

A team of scientists at the University of Denmark conducted an experiment using more than 1,000 cans of beer donated by a beer company. To carry out the experiment, the scientists weighed the beer cans precisely. Then divide the beer into two groups. Place half of the jars in a mechanical shaker for 2 minutes while the other half remains untouched. One group of student volunteers was then asked to tap the can three times before opening it, while another group was told there was no need to tap the can in advance.

After opening all the beer cans, the researchers weighed them again to determine how much beer was sprayed during the opening process. What’s the end result? It turns out that tapping on a beer can doesn’t really work before opening it. Whether or not the beer can shakes in advance, it cannot avoid the loss of the beer during the opening process.

The researchers do point out that there is one way to minimize the loss of beer: you just need to “wait for the bubbles to sink and then open the beer cans.”

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