Apple’s CFO hints iPad Pro won’t be updated this year

Apple Chief Financial Officer Luca Maestri has revealed that the iPad Pro may not be updated in 2019, according to foreign media reports. On apple earnings conference call on the afternoon of October 30, local time, Maestri said Apple’s revenue forecast for the holiday season indicated that the iPad Pro would be released differently than in the same period last year, when Apple’s holiday season runs from the end of September to the end of December.

苹果CFO暗示iPad Pro今年不会更新

In other words, while Apple updated the iPad Pro series in October 2018, Maestri said there would be no iPad Pro updates until at least 2020, a decision that Apple has incorporated into its guidelines.

While there have been multiple reports that Apple plans to update the iPad Pro in October, it is unlikely that it will be with one day left this month. But there have also been reports that the iPad Pro will have to wait until March next year, one of Apple’s annual regular events, to update, and according to Maestri, the time frame looks more likely.

The next-generation iPad Pro’s rear-camera system is expected to add 3D sensing, which will allow it to extend the three-lens configuration like the iPhone 11 Pro. It is speculated that the iPad Pro will also likely receive 5G network support.

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