Adi once again launched the Baoke dream shoes this time is the new “pixel wind”

As a world-renowned shoewear manufacturer, Adidas is not the first to name a hit, from the previous Game of Thrones co-brand, Ultra Boost, to Star Wars, to the already co-titled “Treasure Dream”, and this time Adidas has launched another joint shoe with “Treasure Dreams.” But this time it’s pixel wind.

This time Adidas will once again be linked to Baoke Dream, a Pikachu version of Adidas Advantage sneakers,media kotaku reported. The side of this sneaker is printed with a lovely pixel skin god, the lining of the shoe is also printed with small fire dragon, beautiful frog seeds and other classic first-generation treasure dream.

Adidas has not yet disclosed the timing of the sale date and the price of the joint product.

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