New Jersey’s largest hospital confirms ransomware cyberattack

Hackensack Merdian Health, the largest medical institution in New Jersey, has just confirmed that its network was hacked, causing a number of computers to be infected with ransomware. To regain control of the system, the court had to pay hackers a ransom to unlock the files. The agency did not disclose the number of documents locked and the exact amount delivered to malicious actors.

New Jersey's largest hospital confirms ransomware cyberattack

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Paralyzed by an attack on the system, health care workers can only work without the assistance of any computer equipment. But Hackensack Merdian Health says it has purchased insurance for such incidents.

The attacker speight did not steal any information about the patient or staff, but some operations have been rescheduled and data restoration is under way,’ the hospital said in a statement.

With the ongoing efforts of the IT team, the primary clinical system in the in-house network is running, and subsequent efforts will ensure that all applications are safely back online.

Based on the findings to date, there is no indication that information about any patient or member of the health care team was accessed or disclosed by a third party authorized by Shou.

Patient safety care remains our top priority. But with the great efforts of the medical and clinical teams, patient safety has not been compromised. We apologize for any inconvenience we may cause.

There is evidence that the attack was first discovered on 2 December and staff are now working to restore access to certain systems, with critical services already up and running in most of its clinics and hospitals.

But even though Hackensack Merdian Health has paid the ransom, it is unclear how ransomware infiltrated the hospital’s local storage devices and infected related files.

The agency said it had contacted the FBI and was cooperating with cybersecurity experts.

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